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Open Positions

  • Developing creative concepts and visual designs for print and digital media
  • Collaborating with clients, project managers, and other team members to ensure projects meet objectives and deadlines
  • Utilizing graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite to create high-quality designs and graphics
  • Researching and staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices
  • Producing various design deliverables, such as logos, brochures, website layouts, and social media content
  • Providing feedback and constructive criticism to improve design concepts and drafts
  • Maintaining brand consistency across all design projects
  • Preparing files for printing or digital publishing
  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously and prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance
  • Communicating effectively with clients to gather information and ensure satisfaction with final designs.

Role :- Graphic Designer

Experince :- 1 Year


  • Conducting keyword research and analysis to identify high-value target keywords and phrases
  • Optimizing website content, including metadata, images, and text, for improved search engine visibility
  • Monitoring and reporting on website performance metrics, such as traffic, bounce rate, and conversion rate
  • Assisting with on-page and off-page optimization strategies to improve website rankings
  • Creating and implementing link building strategies to increase domain authority and referral traffic
  • Conducting competitor research and analysis to identify opportunities and areas for improvement
  • Utilizing tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor website performance and identify issues
  • Staying up-to-date with search engine algorithm updates and industry trends to ensure best practices are being followed
  • Assisting with the development and execution of SEO campaigns and strategies
  • Collaborating with team members to continuously improve SEO processes and techniques.


Role :- SEO Intern

Experience :- Fresher

  • Editing raw video footage into polished and high-quality final products
  • Incorporating sound, music, and special effects to enhance video content
  • Collaborating with producers and creative teams to bring creative concepts to life
  • Managing project timelines and deadlines to ensure timely delivery of final products
  • Reviewing and revising video content based on feedback from clients or stakeholders
  • Selecting appropriate footage and organizing video files for efficient and effective editing
  • Encoding and compressing video files for various platforms and purposes
  • Staying up-to-date with industry trends and editing techniques to continuously improve skills and knowledge
  • Troubleshooting technical issues and optimizing video quality for different devices and formats
  • Maintaining organized video and project files for easy access and collaboration

Role :- Video Editor

Experience :- 1 – 5 Years

  • Capturing high-quality photographs using various techniques, equipment, and lighting setups
  • Collaborating with clients and stakeholders to determine project objectives and deliverables
  • Managing project timelines and deadlines to ensure timely delivery of final products
  • Retouching and editing photos to meet quality and aesthetic standards
  • Utilizing different types of photography, such as portraits, product, event, and landscape photography
  • Conducting research to stay up-to-date with photography trends and techniques
  • Selecting appropriate equipment and props for different types of shoots
  • Preparing and organizing equipment, backdrops, and lighting for shoots
  • Communicating effectively with clients to understand their needs and preferences
  • Maintaining organized photo and project files for easy access and collaboration


Role :- Photographer

Experience :- 1-3 Year